Swimming Lessons

Program Features and Details

Swimming Lessons are conducted at certain locations and only available to residents of those communities.
Each session is composed of eight lessons taught over two weeks; Monday through Thursday, with Fridays reserved for make-up days. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes. All children must be at least 3 years old to enroll in any swimming lesson. No swimming lessons are given to children under the age of 3. Every attempt will be made to assign your child to the session and time that you prefer, however, assignment will occur on a first-come, first-served basis.

HSP offers the following types of lessons each session:

1.GROUP LESSONS – There is a minimum of four children needed in order to organize a group and run group lessons. The maximum number of children per group is seven. The cost is $90 per child.

2. SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS – Semi-private lessons are offered for two students in a group. These groups must be pre-arranged, unfortunately, High Sierra Pools cannot organize these groups. The cost is $145 per person.

3. PRIVATE LESSONS – One-on-one lessons for a single student. The cost is $290 per person (Children above 3 years old and adults are welcome)

Level Descriptions

Nemos:  This beginning level teaches students to be comfortable and safe in the water. Instructors will focus on introducing students to the water and improving their safety and comfort in the swimming pool. The class features activities such as: putting the face in the water, wetting the hair, submerging, opening eyes, front glide, back glide, breath control, moving around comfortably, blowing bubbles, and having fun with aquatic recreation. The main goals are to gain confidence and interest in swimming. We highly recommend this level for children who have never taken lessons, normally children between 3 and 5 years old.

Sea Turtles: This level teaches the basics of independent aquatic locomotion skills. Students continue to explore the water using simultaneous and alternating arm and leg actions on the front and back to gain more proficiency for strokes. This class will introduce exercises in the water such as: arm movement, body position, leg movement, floating, and blowing bubbles, all connected with free style and backstroke. This level is recommended for children that are confident in the water, but have never had lessons, or children that have taken and passed the “Nemos” level of lessons.

Dolphins:Students who successfully complete this level will be comfortable swimming in deep water and be proficient (able to swim 50 yards) in front crawl, back crawl, and breast stroke. At this level arm position, leg exercises, breathing, turns, treading water, and diving will be practiced and butterfly will be introduced. This group is for children that are confident in the water and know the basic swimming skills of free style and backstroke, or for children that have taken and passed the “Sea Turtles” level.

Sharks: The goal for the “Sharks”level is to make students comfortable swimming and practicing in deep water and to make major improvements to rotary breathing with front crawl, demonstrate some proficiency in the other strokes being introduced, and begin to develop endurance by increasing the distances they can swim. In this class the swimmers will improve the quality of their movement in the backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly. The correct diving position will also be a skill learned in the class. This class is recommended for children that have taken and passed the “Dolphins” level or children with previous swimming experience.

Parents should determine their children’s swimming level based on the criteria above. Each level has completion requirements: students must show proficiency in all core activities and skills learned in each level to progress to the next. Participants usually need to stay in one level for 2 to 3 sessions to become proficient in the skills. Upon request, our swimming instructors will be available to evaluate your child’s skills and recommend an appropriate level before the session starts if you feel you cannot do so. Swim instructors will also evaluate participants and divide them into corresponding levels during the first class (only if needed). If the child is not ready for the chosen level the instructor should let you know after the first class meeting and an attempt to find an appropriate level class will be made.