Swimming Pool Repairs, Pool Service and Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Repairs, Renovations and Maintenance
Are you looking for an expert to renovate your pool or repair facility equipment? You have found the right place. No job is too small or too large for High Sierra Pools. Our expert technicians and construction crews are capable of repairing or replacing all structural, plumbing, decking, electrical, filter and pump equipment. We also offer pool resurfacing white-coating, repairs of tiles, coping stones and pool accessories such as ladders and guard stands.


Filter Systems Maintenance

Pool System MaintenanceThe quality and appearance of the water at your pool depends on a properly working filter system as well as regular filter inspections and maintenance. If your pool appears cloudy it might be time to service the filter or install a new one. We carry a complete line of all major brand name parts for upgrades. Let us consult with you and provide all the information you need before installing a new filter system.

Pumps and Motors

Pool Pumps and MotorsHigh Sierra services and repairs motors and pumps to keep your pool running smoothly. Pumps and motors for pools from 25,000 to 250,000 gallons are repaired and serviced by our APSP (The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals) Certified Service Technicians. Ask about new energy efficient pumps and motors, which result in lower utility bills and are environmentally responsible.

Heater Installation and Service

Pool HeaterWe install and service an extensive line of commercial pool, spa and hot tub heaters. Regular heater maintenance is required to ensure proper operation. We also install energy efficient gas and electric heaters and parts.

Underground Plumbing

Underground PlumbingInstalling new pool lines or repairing a broken pipe may be a difficult task. Using the latest technology and equipment we are able to detect a leak underground and locate a broken pipe before it becomes a larger problem.

Vac Alerts

Vac AlertThis device prevents entrapment on drains or suction outlets in a swimming pool, spa, wading pool, or hot tub. The force of the filtration system can be tremendous. The vac avert breaks the vacuum and releases the swimmer to prevent drowning. It does not use electricity and it is easy to maintain.

Stingl Switch

Stingl SwitchThis Safety Vacuum Release System works by monitoring the vacuum on the suction side of the pool or spa pump. When a blockage occurs in the main drain or skimmer the Stingl Sitch shuts down the pump and activates an alarm. The pump will remain off with the alarm sounding until manually reset.

Pool Covers

Pool CoversWinterized pools can be unsightly and dangerous. Why not let High Sierra install a custom fit safety cover? These covers help keep the pool interior from staining over the winter, provide a clean look and reduce risk for people. We install all the necessary accessories such as spring anchors to secure the pool cover. A variety of colors are available.

Skimmer and Leak Repairs

Pool SkimmerA leaky skimmer can cost hundreds of dollars in water bill expenses. High Sierra Pools offers leak detection and skimmer replacement as well as underground plumbing repairs. We also offer re-grouting as a preventive maintenance. Stop loosing water and your money now!

Deck and Coping Repairs

Deck and Coping RepairsHigh Sierra Pools does all types of pool repairs including masonry. We can replace or reset broken or loose coping stones, as well as cracked or broken deck sections. Let us install new tiles, too. We offer a large variety of colors and sizes to fit your needs.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Pressure washing of pools, decks and bathrooms make them look new again. The best time to have your pool deck pressure washed is right before the summer season. Make sure to you ask your pool technician and see the difference a clean deck will make.


ResurfacingIn order to provide an enjoyable swimming pool experience and sparkling look the pool shell must have a smooth and clean finish. Applying special pool plaster is a widely used method of resurfacing and High Sierra Pools is pleased to offer it to our customers. Most swimming pools require resurfacing every four to six year. We provide our estimates ahead of time so you can budget and schedule the work easily. We believe that every renovation is an investment which requires further care and protection. This is why we take the extra step to ensure that all required treatments and care for the new plaster are performed as per industry standards. Once your pool is resurfaced we will monitor it for at least 4 weeks at no additional cost to you.

Leak Survey & Pool Line Pressure Test

Pressure TestingHigh Sierra Pools offers detailed leak surveys and leak detection as well as all necessary repairs in order to stop loosing water. Testing pipes for cracks by building a pressure and monitoring for pressure drop is a proven efficient technique for leak detection and is part of every leak survey. High Sierra Pools will provide you with a detailed report of the leak survey including options and prices for repairs as part of the leak survey. Even a daily loss of only 2 inches of pool water can cost hundreds of dollars in water expenses and cause thousands of dollars damage to the pool structure. Act now and request a leak survey.

Main Drains

Main DrainsPoorly maintained main drains can become an entrapment hazard for swimmers. High Sierra Pools ensures that your equipment is safe by providing safety covers or by installing a dual main drain safety system. Note: There have been many recent reports in the U.S. of swimmers being trapped by main drains in pools and spas. High Sierra Pools can install a dual main drain system in accordance with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recommendations.

Specialty Deck Coatings

Deck CoatingHigh Sierra Pools offers variety of coatings that will make your deck or old tiles looks fantastic! We offer STARDEK Concrete Coatings, which combines performance, durability and beauty. Tough acrylics and cements are specially formulated to withstand the elements and look great year after year. The ideal application for pools, decks and spas STARDEK has installed millions of square feet worldwide.

Acid Cleaning

Acid CleaningThis service is done in the spring when preparing the pool for the new season. The acid cleaning includes power washing the pool body and rinsing the pool shell with acid-water solution. The final effect is a spotless pool bottom and walls.

Fountains Serviceand water features

 Fountains Service High Sierra Pools offers complete fountain and water feature service, parts and maintenance. Startup, seasonal maintenance, repairs, and proper winterization are available for all types of fountains